The Couriers

A small group, exceptionally well known throughout the land, these are the only people that travel with even a modicum of freedom throughout the city states, and indeed, through the lands, even at night.

The Couriers have no preference for race, caring only that any member can add to the cause. Skill in crafting runes is the primary requirement, followed only by expected loyalty to The Couriers themselves, over and above the individuals home city state.

The group are known to carry both state and personal messages between the city states, providing a large amount of the communication between the various races.

The fame attributed The Couriers comes primarily from their ability to travel the land. Night is dangerous and undead roam all parts, and the only known protection is runes, generally etched into buildings, forcing the undead to stay outside the runes. The Couriers have fashioned rune tablets that they can lay on the ground and form a protective circle, providing them with a safe haven, even at night. In fact, most of the danger comes from brigands or wild animals rather than the undead.

The runes used by The Couriers are jealously guarded and painstakingly learnt. So little runic knowledge remains that losing even a single rune tablet is cause for concern.

Passing Couriers are cause for celebration in the smaller hamlets and settlements. They frequently assist in repairing damaged runes, or even replacing runes if necessary so that the settlement can continue to provide a safe haven for the individual Courier. This, of course, means that the settlements are safer for the inhabitants as well. A Courier is never turned away.

While crafting the runes can be taught, actual understanding of how the runes work has been lost. All the runes crafted now are performed by rote, and there are only an extremely limited number of protective runes left from ages past.

One of most important jobs a Courier has is the knowledge of runes, and searching out old settlements can sometimes reward a brave Courier with a new rune. Sometimes, the information of what this new rune does can be found as well. Unfortunately, more Couriers are lost searching for this than any other way, and only one new rune has been found in the last one hundred years.

The Couriers

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