Character creation and leveling your character

Character Generation:

1. All Pathfinder source books are allowed. This means all races, classes and archtypes are allowed.
2. All characters will start at THIRD level.
3. Characters will be created using the point buy system (ability score costs found below) and are allocated 20 points. No stat may be reduced below 10 unless through a racial modifier.
4. At first level characters receive the maximum number of hit points equal to their hit die. For all other levels there will be a single dice roll (appropriate die based on class chosen) and the result will either be the rolled number, or half the size of the hit dice, whichever is higher.
5. All characters will start with 3000 gold each. This does mean that a character can start with magic items should they be within the set budget.
6. All characters will make use of the “Unchained Background Skills Rules” as seen by following this link.

Point Buy System Ability Score Costs:


Character Leveling:

This campaign will NOT make use of the leveling tables. While experience points will still be earned through defeating encounters, solving puzzles, working through story arcs and the like, these will not be allocated to the player. The GM will keep the experience points as a running total as required.

Instead, the players will be elevated to the new level at the appropriate stage by the GM.

This means that votes and adventure logs will no longer earn the player bonus experience points. Instead, they can be used to earn Hero Points. See the link below.

Hero Points

Character creation and leveling your character

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