Arc One

The War of Night:

The Pathfinder Society has heard tales of realm of darkness. A realm where races are at war with each other by day, and hide from roaming undead in protected abodes by night. A realm where the Gods have cursed the night, causing the entire land to be desecrated as soon as each night falls.

The daylight races know that they continue to fight a losing battle, as each dead adds to the ranks of the undead, risen to destroy them each night. However, there has been a stalemate over the best way to combat the undead scourge for centuries, and each race has their own agenda and desires to see their race lead the united war on the undead.

Where the undead come from as night falls, or go to as dawn breaks is unknown. Millenia has passed since the first reported sightings of the undead and the population is worse off now that when they first started the War of Night.

The people huddle indoors as the night comes, secure behind runed walls that almost all have forgotten how to craft. A very small number of beings, welcome in every city, among every race, calling themselves Couriers, retain a rudimentary knowledge of crafting these protective runes. Even the fabled Couriers know only how to craft a protective circle, which allows them to travel during the day, and stay relatively safe at night, as the undead seem unable to breach these barriers.

Many are the settlements scattered throughout the country side where these runes power have faded and the people living there have either fled, or died trying to survive the horrors that come each night.

With every passing year, the undead encroach further into settled lands. Soon, they must reach the sturdy walls of the mighty cities themselves, the last bastions of civilisation and power. Proud Elves, stubborn Dwarves, industrious Gnomes and plentiful Humans, along with a myriad of other races go about the day to day lives, many never leaving the safety of the walled settlements.

The Pathfinder Society have received pleas from the rulers of several cities, begging for help. This previously closed land has finally reached out, and the Pathfinder Society have chosen YOU to travel into this dreaded land and assist as required, all the while furthering the Societies knowledge and power.

The first task set? Meet with the leader of a chosen City State, either Caliphas, Karcau or Lepidstadt. It may not be possible to meet with the others given how the meeting plays out, so this choice is an important one. The second task is considered more important by the Society. Find about more about the runes holding the undead at bay. How you go about this is up to you.

Arc One

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