The glorious city of Vische is all wonder and spectacular design. Flowing arches, magical lighting, incredible spires and towers all greet the viewer with an overwhelming sense of awe.

This is a carefully crafted experience as the elves of Vische as not a welcoming people. Any who make their way into the city must be aware that they are second class citizens, good for very little, and frequently seen as a mere annoyance, beneath even the most humble Vische worker.

Skilled in the magical creation of items, Vische rarely let any of their goods out of the city. Precious few have managed to acquire them, and only through deeds of tremendous valour, have they been presented with the items.

Trade is all but non-existent here, the elves so tightly focused on their own survival and way of life. The Couriers are still accepted, but not necessarily welcomed, but all others must be sponsored to gain access to the city.

Ruled by a Queen, she has lived far longer than any other ruler, and is finally approaching an age where she must consider stepping down. Her rule is characterised by a condescending nobility and the elves of Vische revere her.

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