The forest city state of the elves. These people are friendly if one can get access to the city, but are wild and ferocious if encountered away from their beloved home.

Trees centuries old are crafted with an attention to detail and in keeping with the lives all around into homes, stores and chambers. The trees form a living city, and the entire city is off the ground, spectacular living bridges span between the trees providing access to the rest of the city.

Ruled by a King and Queen, this monarchy has been in place for over one hundred and fifty years. The tragic early loss of the previous King and Queen led to the young son taking the crown centuries before his time.

The craftsmen of the Redleaf elves specialise in bows, arrows, spears and darkwood armour. A person with any one of these is almost guaranteed to be considered a friend of the elves, or extraordinarily rich.

The city is protected by the Rangers of Redleaf, a mysterious and skilled sect, tasked with keeping the undead at bay. By use of specially crafted weapons (the skill now lost), passed down to each new Ranger when one dies, the undead are hounded relentlessly each night.

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