The military part of the Ustalav dwarven society, Ardagh is a massive fortress, surrounded by huge, thick walls, patrolled by scores of crossbow wielding dwarves, backed up with heavily armoured hammerers toting large shields.

Everything about Ardagh is military, from the food, the efficiency they run businesses and councils, right up to the crafting, which focuses almost exclusively on weapons and armour. In fact, dwarven arms and armour are famous for being both intricate works of art and exceptionally deadly in the case of weapons, or nigh on impenetrable for armour.

The dwarves trade readily, using the gold to fund more research on more efficient ways to destroy the undead threat, or funneling the funds to Berus to aid in the training of more divine knowledge.

Access to Ardagh is tightly, but certainly not difficult to get. All visitors are welcome, traders especially so, provided they follow the strict policies pertaining to visitor rights and expectations.

Ardagh used to be home to more than 50,000 dwarves, but now, the numbers dwindle slowly each year as the dwarves continue to take the fight to the undead with the most intent, vowing to destroy the threat or die trying. The latter is certainly looking the most likely, but never tell a dwarf that! Currently there is a little over 20,000 dwarves living in the military camp that is Ardagh.

Ruled by a King, this monarchy runs smoothly, and the king acts more as a general in the army, which is how he sees the role. The chain of command is vital and the King is an unusually perceptive leader, and he knows most of the cities subjects by name, or sight at the very least.

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