A small city state, by any definition of the description. Thrushmoor only has a population of around 10,000 gnomes, and of course, being the smallest race with a City State to call their own, everything else is built to a smaller scale as well.

Seen as something of a joke in previous years, those that visit begin to understand that while the gnomes are a typically happy people, they have goals and approach them with just as much dedication as the dwarves are perceived to, even if that goal is simply to create the lands biggest cookie.

However, it is the military aspect that shocks most visitors. Most gnomes carry something, even if it is a simple one shot pistol. The city watch (the gnome version of the army) are kitted out in good quality chainmail, a shield on their back, a pistol that doubles as a small club at their side and a musket to hand. Always moving in groups of three, the city is fully aware they live in dangerous times. Every adult, male or female, spends at least three years in the city watch when they reach 18. In this way, Thrushmoor ensures that while they are small in number and stature, they have an extraordinarily well trained populace.

The current Prime Minister has a rather unusual goal for her people. She knows that they have some form of air superiority, but she is driven to find the Dragon Riders of the past. Before the Shining Crusade, before the Whispering Tyrant, before Ustalav was a major nation, there were rumours of a group calling themselves the Dragon Riders, and they were sworn to protect the land from all evil. Just a tale now, the current Prime Minister believes them to not only be true, but the answer to ending the undead plague for good.

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