The Patriarch of Berus is direct blood kin to the King of Ardagh. Twin brothers in fact. While the chain of command dictates that Ardagh’s King is the supreme ruler of all Dwarves, the Patriarch is left to run Berus overall.

Berus acts as the spiritual home for the Dwarves. Everything to do with religion happens in Berus. The training for the battle clerics, the clergy, the construction of magical trinkets or the enchanting of the weapons and armour, it all makes its way through Berus.

Again, the dwarves of Berus are very happy to trade, putting the gold to use on the next project. Currently, the Patriarch is channeling funds into an expedition to find the fallen dwarven city. Little is known of the fallen city, other than this was where the dwarves housed their mages, and while magic was never something dwarves took to easily, they specialised in the construction of golems and warmachines. Precious skills long eons ago.

Built as a massive temple, Berus is home to nearly 11,000 dwarves, but used to house upwards of 30,000 in the golden age.

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